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Get motivated and
train effectively.

VAHA - The digital personal trainer for your home..

Personal training, redefined.

VAHA stands for your personal flow, an inspiring way to a happy, energetic life. By intelligently adapting challenges to your skills and needs, meaningful progress and positive motivation will become your new, most reliable training partners.

Your personal training plan

Based on your current level of fitness, your personal trainer will create a training plan that is 100% tailored to you.

Live sessions with your personal trainer

Your personal trainer is there with you digitally, supporting you in real time with the correct way to execute exercises.

Wide variety of training programs

Get the latest and best training content, as well as expert tips on body, mind, and nutrition.

This is how you get into your flow.

Start your assessment

When you first begin, information about your training experience, health, and living conditions is recorded and evaluated. In addition, we’ll determine your fitness level through various test exercises.

Set the stage for effective training

We set goals according to your individual needs and restrictions. Based on expert knowledge and years of experience, we’ll create a training plan tailored to you, from a group of over 200 exercises.

Continuously develop your training

At the end of each session, you’ll have the opportunity to rate it. This is so we can adapt and evolve your plan at any time to perfectly suit your needs.

From 63€/month

200+ exercises for your flow.

For us, health means training holistically. With guided exercises, we’re able to adapt your individual challenges perfectly according to your abilities. You not only train in a versatile way, but also effectively.


Increase your endurance and revitalize your cardiovascular system with an efficient combination of HIIT and LISS workouts*.
* HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training; LISS = Low Intensity Steady State


Improve your posture with individual strength units. A fit body with lots of muscle keeps you feeling younger and burns more calories while at rest.


Optimize your quality of movement and reduce joint pain and risk of injury with exercises that focus on flexibility and balance.

"With VAHA, regular training no longer feels like work. VAHA is based around me and not the other way around."
Hanna, 33, Berlin
"There is always something going on as a family, so we are happy when we are just at home. Fortunately, with VAHA this is no longer an excuse not to train and do something for yourself."
Charlotte & Basti, 36/38, Frankfurt am Main
"Quiet time combined with activity - so far I've only spent my vacations this way. But with VAHA I can now keep fit according to this principle."
Johann, 59, Starnberg

Flow for you. Designed for your home.

Enjoy the high quality and timeless design, even when you’re not exercising. By combining functional features such as a Spotify integration, as well as calendar and reminder functions, VAHA is an oasis of wellbeing at the push of a button.

6 reasons for VAHA


Train whenever and as often as you like, right at home.


Enjoy the full attention from your digital personal trainer, delivered by the most innovative technology.


Discover your flow and reach your training goals with ease.


Experience more well-being through your personal training plan and nutrition tips.


Enjoy the modern shape and quality of the mirror, even when you’re not exercising.


Get into the flow quickly and easily thanks to an intuitive UI accessible via touchscreen.

More flow in just four steps.

Order VAHA, your interactive mirror

Configure your profile with the app

Have the mirror delivered and installed

Create your training plan via video call

From 63€/month